Drug Addiction Family Support Services in the Bel Air, MD area

About Addiction & the Family

About Us

Who are we?

We are a family advocacy group that will provide education and resources to help strengthen the family unit when a loved one is suffering with a substance use disorder.

What do we offer?

Addiction is an illness that affects the whole family.   Let's Get Real offers workshops, speaking engagements, and small group or individual coaching.  We will help you to Recognize the severity of your loved one's problem, Educate yourself on the topics that surround addiction, Accept the ways addiction is affecting your family and healthy ways to support and Love Your loved one,  You will learn how to maintain a circle of strength within your family.

What do we believe?

Everyone in the family suffers when a loved one has a substance use disorder. · Receiving support from others who share a mutual understanding is essential.


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  • Juvenile and Drug Court Family Support Workshops
  • Workshops for parents of incarcerated children, ages 18-24
  • Small Focus Groups for parents, employees, congregations, Parent/Teacher Organizations, etc.
  • Individual Coaching
  • Key Note Speaking Engagements

Let's Get Real, LLC

P.O. Box 240, North East, MD 21901, us

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Let's Get Real, LLC

P.O. Box 240, North East, Maryland 21904, United States

(443) 350-0909


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