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Who are we?

We are a family advocacy group that will provide support, education and resources to help strengthen the family unit when a loved one is suffering with a substance use disorder.  Our  holistic approach promotes recovery for all family members involved on this journey.

What do we offer?

Addiction is an illness that affects the whole family.   Let's Get Real offers workshops, speaking engagements, and small group or individual coaching.  We will help you to Recognize the severity of your loved one's problem, Educate yourself on the topics that surround addiction, Accept the ways addiction is affecting your family and healthy ways to support and Love your loved one,  You will learn how to maintain a circle of strength within your family.

What do we believe?

Everyone in the family suffers when a loved one has a substance use disorder. · Receiving support from others who share a mutual understanding is essential.

Help Others Like Amber

About the Campaign

"My name is Amber and I was a caretaker in my previous relationship of someone struggling with an addiction to heroin.  To say it was heartache for my whole family is an understatement. 

 During my Season of Healing, I reached out to Lorri.  I e-mailed her one night that I was alone and really struggling.  She took the time to listen to me and my story.  We spoke on the phone.  AND she PERSONALLY visited me, meeting me for the first time, to give me tools, prayer and seriously amazing advice.  Her continued support helped me to return to a non-broken state of mind and spirit.  I am a joyful, healed person today and am in a healthy relationship with my husband, Brysen."

Let's Get Real is addressing an important issue that affects many people in our community...Subsatnce Use Disorder.  Our mission is to provide prevention through awareness and educational programs.  In addition to our programs, we provide one-on-one family support.  This is available 24/7, through face-to-face meetings, texting, phone calls and e-mail.  We are here to answer your questions and provide a continuum of guidance for families as their loved one seeks treatment, moves to a sober living facility, and then reunites back into society.  Family recovery and reunification are an integral part the the holistic approach that we believe in. 

Your involvement is critical to our success and providing families support at no cost to them. Thank you again for your help.

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Prevention Presentation: Parents and Teens - Beer Goggles included!

Mother and an Addict

My son, Gannon, and I shared our story of heartache and struggles.  He is now in long-term recovery.  We offer strength and hope to those families in the audience who may be living with a loved one with a substance use illness.  Recovery is possible!  Gannon is living proof!

Cecil.tv Interview

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      Recovery Resources 


The Hard Truth of Addiction

Emory United Methodist Church hosted a community outreach program to bring awareness to Substance Use Disorder.  This is a family disease and many families were present for this presentation.  My portion, a parent with a child in long-term recovery, starts at approx. 48 min. into the program.  I am very proud of my son, Gannon, and the hard work that he has done to lead a sober, fulfilling life.


Services Available

Family Workshops

Prevention Workshops for Parents and Teens

Key Note Speaking

Family/Individual Coaching:  Includes a

continuum of care for the family through face-to-face visits, phone, text and e-mail support

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Your support and generous contributions will enable us to provide support and education for families living with substance use illness.  Our goal is to help families feel whole again!

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